7 Best Car Wash Foam Gun For Garden Hose (Buyer’s Guide)

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In this article today, we are sharing with you all the Best Car Wash Foam Gun For Garden Hose along with a Buyer’s Guide that can help you pick the best car wash foam gun for yourself.

Having a car and taking it anywhere you go can be fun. But when it comes to maintaining and washing your car? Can get a little boring and too much to do at times. Dipping your mitt into the water bucket that gets dirty water in just one or two users can get annoying sometimes.

But just as any other invention, this inconvenience has got an invention too, which is known by the name Car Wash Foam Gun. The introduction of foam guns has made it much easier and also fun to wash cars and other vehicles. Indeed it is very beneficial and useful if you get a car wash foam gun.

So if you are looking to buy a car wash foam gun, given below is a detailed buying guide for a car foam wash gun along with the best car wash foam guns that you can use to make washing cars fun and easier! So what are you still waiting for? Go on and read to know more about car wash guns.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun For Garden Hose

Buyer’s Guide for Car Wash Foam Gun

Before you go ahead to check out the best car wash foam guns, we would recommend you to first go through this buyer’s guide that will help you make the right decision while buying a car wash foam gun.

Before buying anything, it is crucial that you consider every aspect of it that will be needed later on. In the case of a car wash foam gun, given below are the parameters one much consider before buying –

Pressure – Low-pressure guns are better 

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with the car wash foam gun you buy, then pressure one of the non-negotiable considerations. The whole reason you are buying a foam gun for a car is to ease the car washing process and get less tired out of it.

However, if the pressure of your foam gun isn’t the appropriate one, then you certainly will get tired of holding it. So the best way to pick a car wash gun is to get the one with low pressure. But, if you wish to feel the work that you are doing, you can always go for the high-pressure options.

Adjustability – More control-related features

Adjustability is yet another vital parameter. Who would not want a foam gun that will shift from foam to water in just a click? You will be surprised to know there are also some foam guns that have a dial for thickness control. Isn’t that amazing and helpful?

Such additional features can definitely make the use of a car wash foam gun much fun. However, the very simple rule is, the higher the number of features, the higher the product cost. So get ready to pay for what you seek.

Compatibility – Look for garden hose

Another crucial thing. If you are looking for a car wash foam with a garden hose, then buying a car wash foam without a garden hose would be totally useless. So keep looking for the garden hose compatibility and also any other that you are looking for in the product you buy.

No no to the added pH level 

Some foam guns tend to add pH level to the foam mixture and if you wish to use your foam gun for a longer period of them, then staying away from such foam guns is the best option.

Filters – Protect your car

Filters are essential in a car washing foam gun. This because they tend to block the particles in the mixture and thus protect your car from getting attacked by such particles. Do make sure to look for car wash guns having either mono or dual filters.

Cost-Effectiveness – Go for Reasonable Foam Gun

The price and your budget are some of the things that can never be ignored and neither should they be. While buying something, the cost of it and whether it is reasonable should be considered. So keep in mind the cost of the product and its features and see if they resonate with each other. A comparison of multiple products would be helpful here.

The King of Suds - Ruler of the Spray Gun
The King of Suds - Ruler of the Spray Gun

Brand: ‎Clean Car USA

Weight: ‎1.43 pounds

Dimensions: ‎9.13 x 5.43 x 2.72 inches

MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster & Hose End Sprayer - The Cannon of Car Wash Industry
MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster & Hose End Sprayer - The Cannon of Car Wash Industry


Weight: ‎1.65 pounds

Dimensions: ‎9.06 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches

DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow Foam Lance Cannon - The Most Suitable foam gun
DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow Foam Lance Cannon - The Most Suitable foam gun


Weight: 2 pounds

Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.55 x 4.55 inches

Best Car Wash Foam Gun For Garden Hose

Assuming that you have gone through the buyer’s guide, you will now be able to make your decision in buying the best car wash foam gun. We have picked the below car wash foams with a careful understanding of their usage by ourselves to give you the real results.

Here we have mentioned the best car wash foam gun of which you can pick ay depending on your needs. This is where the above buyer’s guide will come in handy. Just make sure that whichever one you pick, go through its features, pros, and cons, and only then make the purchase decision.

1. MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster & Hose End Sprayer – The Cannon of Car Wash Industry

MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster & Hose End Sprayer

MATCC Car Foam Gun Foam Cannon Blaster is a 6 Adjustment Ratio Dial Foam Wash Gun that connects to any Garden Hose Foam Sprayer for Car Home Cleaning and has a capacity of 0.23 Gallon or 900ml. It is a standard hose Connector with a Water pressure of 2.5BAR – 6BAR and of Size – 4”x 8.7”x17.3”. 

The foam washer comes with a Brass joint, foam gun, brass quick connector, removable nozzle, an adjustable Ratio dial, and a tube filter. The car foam washer is pretty easy to use as it does not require any pressure washer or intricate installation and setup.

You can easily adjust the dial so as to get different foam concentrations depending on your needs and how dirty the car is. The brass exterior of superior quality and the rubber-sealed loop make sure that the washing gun does not leak.  One can use this spray gun not just to wash cars or motorcycles, but also to wash floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing, and a lot more. 

The dual filters of metal mesh trap any particles of dust and particles in soap and ensure that the washing foam spray does not ever cause any damage to the car paint. This foam gun for washing cars can work with all the water-soluble fertilizers and can be used to water as well as fertilize plants. Isn’t that amazing now?


  • Compatible with all substances and mixtures
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Leakproof
  • Dual Filters
  • Creates low-pressure water suds making use easier

Tips for better use

  • Wash the foam gun and bottom by clean water after use
  • Make sure to tighten the tap in case of water leakage.
  • Fill the soap to the line on the bottle and the rest of it with water.
  • Do not tilt the bottle when not in use.
  • Adjust the dial one set up in case you are not satisfied with the amount of foam.
  • Best foam cannon in the car wash industry
  • Best garden hose foam gun
  • high-quality brass connector
  • Looks attractive
  • Multiple layered
  • A year’s warranty of service
  • No adjustable settings



2. The King of Suds – Ruler of the Spray Gun

The King of Suds

The Foam King – The King of Suds is a Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer and Suds Maker that Connects to Any Garden Hose. The Car Foam Gun comes with a solid brass fitting, a 6 level foam ratio dial, a huge capacity bottle that comes with lines, hose attachment, spray gun, quick connection, foam nozzle, and a patented mix head.

You are given a detailed instruction manual to understand it better too. The foam gun does not require any complicated installation or setup process and can easily connect to any garden hose. You will also not need any additional hose attachments for this purpose.

The setting of the King of Suds foam gun is such that you can easily shift from water spraying garden hose to foam sprayer in a go. There is also a rubber seal that offers a leak-free connection. 


  • Low-pressure washer
  • Leakproof
  • Water and Soap level indicator
  • Life Time Warranty

Tips for better use

  • Start on the lowest setting to apply foam, then rinse, and then repeat by moving up to the highest setting.
  • Clean it after use.
  • USDA Authorized
  • Best hose attachment for washing cars
  • Easy shifting from water spraying to foam spraying
  • Quick-release connector
  • A little too much price


3. DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow Foam Lance Cannon – The Most Suitable foam gun

DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow Foam Lance Cannon

DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow Foam Lance Foam Cannon with Water Sprayer Gun Wand Spray for Pressure Washer Car. However, it is Not for standard Garden Hose. The sprayer gun comes with a foam creator, plastic shell, adjustable nozzle, quick disconnect fitting to spray gun, a suction tube, and a foam volume control knob. 

The DUSICHIN DUS-003 Snow foam gun comes with a 3000 PSI high-pressure water gun body of steel and brass fittings. It has an Adjustable snow foam lance for car cleaning and an M22 Metric Male thread fitting. You will need a pressure washer to use this sprayer as you cannot connect it to a standard garden hose.


  • Best high-pressure foam gun
  • Needs pressure washer
  • Not compatible with a standard garden hose
  • Settings are adjustable

Tips for better use

  • Use the spray gun without the soap attachment, it makes spraying off the car easier.
  • Settings are adjustable
  • Concentrates the foam
  • 140 degree F max
  • 1/4″ outlet quick disconnect fitting
  • Needs high-pressure washer to use
  • Can’t be used with a normal garden hose


4. TRKIMAL Car Washing Foam Gun Soap – The Blaster of Foam Guns

TRKIMAL Car Washing Foam Gun Soap

TRKIMAL Car Washing Foam Gun Soap Foam Blaster is an Adjustable Ratio Dial Car Foam Snow Gun that can easily Fit any Universal Standard Garden Hose. This Car Washer Sprayer for Home Garden Use comes with a capacity of 1L Bottle. 

The blaster of foam gun comes with a foam nozzle, an adjustable ratio dial, easy and quick connect to foam bottle, an ergonomic handle, fixed spray foam support, and solid brass fittings. It also includes dual metal mesh filters so as to filter the particles in water and save the car from getting any unwanted scratches.

The Trkimal Foam Blaster Foam Gun spray foam with its double filters removes abrasive dirt particles gently and without scratching car paint and gives a bubble bath to your car.

The high-quality brass connector offers a leak-free experience. One can use this foam gun for multiple purposes apart from washing cars like – watering flower plants, trees, and washing motorcycles, ATV, UTV, vehicles, bikes, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing, etc.


  • Canon is adjustable
  • Leakproof
  • Low-pressure washer foam gun
  • Has dual filters
  • A distinct bubble bath and foam spray

Tips for better use

  • Wash the foam gun and bottom with clean water after use.
  • Make sure to tighten the tap in case of water leakage.
  • Do not tilt the bottle when not in use.
  • Dual filters
  • Easy setup
  • Bottle fill lines
  • Adjustable canon
  • Different foam effects
  • Sturdy, durable
  • Fewer pressure reports


5. Adam’s Premium 32oz Foam Gun – The Classical Foam Gun

Adam's Premium 32oz Foam Gun

Adam’s Premium 32oz Foam Gun is the classical foam gun you will need to layer your vehicle with suds and make washing it fun and easy. All one has to do is add the water in the 32-ounce canister then 4 – 5 ounces of whichever car shampoo you use and you are good to go!

The Adam’s Premium foam gun gives users the option of 3 separate metering tips in order to control the amount of soap they want to run through. This classical foam gun is built with superior quality chemical resistant polythene plastic so as to resist cracking & fading.

The best part about using this one is that you will not be needing a pressure wash as it connects with a standard garden hose. Also, the spray nozzle with the quick connect handle can help form thick suds of foam to make your car washing much easier and also protect it from any probable damage.


  • Neutral pH level
  • Latest formula
  • Easy to handle
  • Works with a standard garden hose

Tips for better use

  • Now with the Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun you also get 2 yellow-green and 2 purple metering tips. It is recommended to use the yellow-green metering tip and keeping the other as a spare. You can use the purple metering tip for a higher flow rate, but it will use up the Car Shampoo and water mixture in the 32oz bottle more quickly.
  • No-wash pressure is exerted
  • No pressure washer is needed
  • Durable product
  • Produces thick foam
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • The suds charge additional


6. SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

SwiftJet Car wash foam gun sprayer is yet another one of the best car washing foam guns you will find out there. The SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer comes with a Strong ABS plastic, a foaming basting tip, a Foam Ratio Adjuster, a water adjuster, a brass connector, a PVC Bottle, and an ergonomic handle.

It is an ideal car washing foam as it comes with many adjustment options and the foam keeps away you from ruining your car color or texture by the dust particles that have settled. With the easy handling options, washing a car no more seems a tiresome task. You can easily attach this to your garden hose and you are good to go.

With SwiftJet car washing foam gun, you can use the 6-Level Foam Ratio Adjuster to manage the foam. The dirtier the car, the more foam you will need. Indeed this one is a must-have if you do not wish to damage your car in any way by the dirt that has settled and cleaning it roughly.


  • Patented Mixhead design
  • Hose end sprayer
  • PVC Quick Hose

Tips for better use

  • Play a little with the settings to get the perfect setting for yourself.
  • Once done washing the car, take the foaming nozzle off and rinse it.
  • Make sure to lock in the Connection Ring.
  • Comes with a microfiber wash mitt.
  • Comes with a water and foam adjuster.
  • Connects to any garden hose
  • Instructions on the user manual are quite small to read.


7. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – The best wash Gun ever

Chemical Guys ACC_326-Best Car Wash Foam Gun For Garden Hose

Chemical Guys ACC_326 Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun is the Ultimate Car Wash Foamer that Connects to Any Garden Hose with ease. This foamy gun can help you wash your car with the utmost ease and fun. It is said that over 95% of scratches and swirls on cars come from improper washing techniques. But with the Torq foam blaster, you can be tension-free. 

All you have to do is add 2 ounces of your Car Wash Shampoo to create car wash foam. The foam gun has a capacity of 32 fluid ounces. The Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 Foam Gun can wash any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV are exciting and easy. The gun is pretty durable and can go a long way.

The foam gun comes with an adjustable foam concentration. You can set this depending on how dirty your car is. All you have to do for this is turn the dial to adjust the dilution ratio of the soapy foam sprayed from the nozzle.


  • Highly efficient
  • Adjustable foam concentration
  • Best foam washer in the car industry
  • Long-lasting

Tips for better use

  • You will need an O ring of the size 3/4″ ID, 7/8″ OD, 1/16″ Width for this foam gun to be leakproof.
  • Soap Concentration capacity
  • Adjustable Ratio of a nozzle
  • Best foamy cleaning
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lacks O-ring to provide leak-free use
  • Cannot guarantee absolute cleanliness



How to use a Foam Gun?

Usings foam gun is actually pretty easy. First of all, you will have to apply foam with the mentioned foam gun. Just make sure to not let it dry. Use a mitt to clean the foam and wash and rinse with plain water. And that’s how easy it is to use a foam gun to wash the car.

Is having a foam gun necessary?

This is a very subjective question. It entirely depends on your needs. If you do not have a car, there isn’t much that you need to do with a car wash foam gun. However, if you do have one then using this product can change your views on washing your car. The task that seemed boring can now get easier and more fun using a foam gun!

Is the mentioned Car Wash Foam worth your money?

Absolutely, yes. We have picked each and every product mentioned above with utmost attention to the details and after using them ourselves. All of them have made it to the list owing to their great features at an efficient price.

Concluding Words

I am hoping that our article here helped you in picking up the best car wash foam gun for yourself. In case you are still confused with which one to pick, you can go with our top pick which is Chemical Guys ACC_326.

Certainly, if your needs make you inclined towards any other car wash foam, then go for it. All the ones mentioned above are the best of the best. In case you know of any other amazing car wash foams that haven’t made it to this list, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will give our verdict on it in the post.

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