Best 3 Oz Grease Gun Buying Guide and Review 2023

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all the Best 3 Oz Grease Gun buying guide as well as a detailed review of best 3 Oz grease guns. Grease guns are one of those extremely underrated machines that once used will stay with you forever.

Grease guns make the application of lubricants or grease much easier and at a faster pace. Many industries, firms, garages, and even households make use of grease guns for easy workflow. In case you are new with a grease gun and want an efficient one for yourself, then a 3 oz. A grease gun would be ideal for you.

To help you out, here we have mentioned the best 3 Oz grease guns along with a buying guide which will help you make a choice according to your preferences and then a review of the best Oz grease guns. 

Best Oz Grease Gun

Best 3 Oz Grease Gun Buying Guide 2023

If you are looking forward to buying a 3Oz grease gun, then here are some of the factors you need to consider while buying a grease gun. In order to help you pick the best one out there for yourself, here is an easy buying guide that you can refer to make a decision.

  • Grease Gun Couplers

There are various types of couplers for grease guns that are made according to the grease gun. The most commonly used coupler for grease guns is the hydraulic coupler.

There are also other options for couplers like the Lincoln’s slotted right angle 90° coupler which can be attached to the grease gun easily. You will also see a 3-jaw swivel coupler that can provide a variety of locking. Make sure that all the couplers types can be attached to the gun.

  • Ease of Use

Many people underestimate the advantages of a grease gun. It is quite obvious to not understand the actual importance of using a grease gun. It will make the work way easier for you.

You can buy a mini grease gun if you want to use it for home or personal use. There are many battery-powered wireless guns out there which can be helpful with personal use.

But if you want a grease gun for professional use or business, then you can go for any electric grease gun. Most garage owners make use of such automatic grease guns. You can also refer to the below guide to know more.

  • Performance quality

Indeed the purchase you are making should help you in some way and offer great quality at a reasonable price. Before you buy any grease gun, make sure to know everything you can about the performance of the gun.

You need to know how the gun works and how quickly it can be loaded. The things you need to keep in mind are that the gun must be effective and accurate. The lubricant should be sprayed effectively. You should go through the actual review of various customers to get an idea of its exact work and results.

  • Additional Features 

Of course, a good grease gun is one that has many features to offer at an affordable price. There is ‘n’ number of grease guns out there in the market. But the best one is the one that packs some amazing features and also does not create a hole in your pocket.

Even the simplest of the features of a grease gun makes a huge difference in its application. If you are someone who is using the grease gun for a professional workload, then you might need a larger cylinder and if you are using it for personal use, then you will need a smaller one.

So, always pick the grease gun that suits your needs. Apart from this, a few other crucial features according to the needs can be having a grease gun that is capable of having high levels of lubrication.

Along with that, the grease gun should also have a small nozzle which can reach the smallest corners and thus allow the grease to reach everywhere required with high pressure.

The Best 3 Oz Grease Gun Review 2023

Given below are the top 3 Oz Grease guns that we have personally used and reviewed. You can go through the below reviews to get a clear idea of which grease gun would be the most suitable for you.

We have already taken aside the highlighted features of these guns and prepared a pros and cons list for each one of them to help you make a clear decision.

Lumax LX-1172 Pistol Grip Black Mini Grease Gun with 3 oz. Cartridge

Lumax LX-1172 Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun

One of the best 3 Oz grease guns is the Lumax LX-1172 Pistol Grip Black Mini Grease Gun with 3 oz. Cartridge. This is an automotive Grease pistol that can pump all sorts of heavy and light things. The gun is lightweight and thus easy to carry around even for a long time.

The gun is used commonly in many households, firms, RV applications as well as industries. This pistol forms the ideal size for day-to-day uses. One of the features of the gun is that it has a foil cover for preventing small particles from entering gun and thus impairing the pumping capacity of the grease gun.

The best part about this gun is that it does not get disconnected easily. The gun has a mechanism through which the grease is distributed evenly throughout and without any leakage.


  • The grease gun is lightweight and compact.
  • Users can use and load the cartridge using 2 ways – either a bulk or a cartridge.
  • The easy grip of the grease pistol makes it comfortable to operate using one hand as well.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-Quality makeup.
  • RV application can be done.
  • Can be used for heavy work.
  • A little leaking might happen.

HORUSDY Pistol Grip Mini Grease Gun with 3 OZ

HORUSDY Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Another one of the best 3 Oz pistol grease guns is the HORUSDY Pistol Grip Mini Grease Gun which is very well known for its amazing grip which makes it easier to use. One of the best features of this gun is the lever-action which helps in gripping it and thus making it user-friendly.

Considering the safety issues, a part of the grease tube has been covered with foil and the other side is covered with a plastic cap. Both the gun tubes as well as the hoses are easy to install.

Another amazing thing about this gun is that the threads of the unit are of great quality this making the grease ooze out easily. You will not need any extra material or tools for removing any unnecessary parts from the zerk.

The pistol also contains dense walled knurled barrels that have grease guns which give a secure and strong grip. There is also a presence of positive locks as well as head caps which make the user experience a seamless one. All these features further add to the durability of the gun.


  • The gun can help you apply pressure of as much as 2900 PSI.
  • The feature of Lever action can help you with an easy grip of the grease gun.
  • Chrome-plated finish.
  • This grease gun has vented head caps as well as positive locks which makes the loading much easier.
  • The installation, as well as the removal process, is very easier and user-friendly.
  • The gun works very seamlessly and smoothly.
  • The gun is fitted well and is compact.
  • Longer durability.
  • This grease gun can also be used for heavy projects or workloads.
  • It might stop all of a sudden after you begin the work.

Legacy Workforce 3 oz. Cartridges Mini Grease Gun

Workforce 3 oz. Mini Grease Gun

One of the Best 3 Oz Grease Gun out there is the Legacy Workforce 3 oz. Cartridges Mini Grease Gun. Legacy pistol grease gun is one of the best 3 Oz grease guns that can be used for a heavy workload and professional usage. Most garage owners too use and recommend this grease gun.

The gun comes with a 4-jaw connector that adds to the strong grip of the gun even at higher pressures. The gun is made of a 12-inch extension and a rigid 4-inch extension along with a steel adapter handle which helps in handling the gun well and with ease.

The Lumax Workforce Mini Grease Gun can be used very well in every zerk fitting but not in the extreme small holes and things in them. The gun, with its build-up, makes the entire process of greasing much seamless and convenient.


  • The grease gun has a 3 Oz cartridge loaded already.
  • This mini grease gun is ideal for working even with rigid as well as flexible extensions.
  • There are flexible yet rigid extensions present on the gun.
  • The rods and springs make the grease gun much durable.
  • Longer durability due to strong steel jaws.
  • Sustainable option.
  • Ideal for heavy work too.
  • Risk of interruption when greasing.

What is a 3 Oz Grease Gun?

For those of you who do not know, a 3Oz grease gun is a mini grease gun that has a cartridge capacity of 3 Oz. This mini grease gun is also wireless and is powered by a battery. This is ideal for personal use or home use.

What is the best heavy-duty grease?

The best heavy-duty grease is the Marine Grease which is protected by fresh water and salt, is ideal for humid or wet conditions machines that have the lithium complex thickeners.

What is the best grease gun coupler?

If we take into account the durability and efficiency of the product, then The best and the most widely sold grease gun coupler is the LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler.

Bottom Line

That was it all about the best 3 Oz Grease Gun. I hope you have found the above article of use and the buying guide and mentioned reviews could help you in picking the best grease gun of 3 Oz capacity for yourself.

All the above-mentioned guns are ideal for use as grease guns and have their own peculiar features which make them stand out among the others.

If you are looking for a grease gun for personal use then Lumax LX-1172 Pistol Grip Black Mini Grease Gun can be a great option. Similarly, if you are looking for a grease gun for professional use, then any of the other too can be great to go with.

In case there are any questions, or any suggestions regarding grease guns, do not hesitate to drop them below in the comments. We will be glad to hear from you.

Keep visiting us for more informative posts and helpful buying guides!

Happy Greasing!


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