How does a Palm Nailer Work? (6 Easy Steps)

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all How does a Palm Nailer Work? For those of you who do not know, a palm nailer is your savior. If you are someone who works with a hammer to fix the nails, then you need to throw that right away.

While working with a hammer is conventional, we all know how ugly it can get with longer use. The more you use a hammer, the more it will hurt your hand. If you working on huge projects, then you will not be able to finish framing or inserting nails in a day.

The use of a hammer is now an obscene scenario. There are many amazing alternatives to the hammer that make the task much easier and efficient. If you have not yet heard, then I’m talking here about Nail guns.

Nail guns are basically a very convenient tool that can be used even for long hours to fix nails and complete a project. According to the use, size, goal, etc. There are different types of nail guns or nailers.

The one we will be talking about today is the Palm Nailer.

How does a Palm Nailer Work

What is a Palm Nailer?

A Palm Nailer or a palm nail gun, as the name suggests, is a nail gun that is of the size of the palm. This nail gun basically fits inside your palm. There are also larger nail guns available but they require a compressor to work.

This compact tool is easy on the hand and thus comfortable and portable. The best part about this one is that it comes as a cordless power nailer too. You can always go for the heavy-duty palm Nailer which comes with a cord.

Different Types of Palm Nailers/ Palm Nail guns

There are different types of Palm Nailers out there depending on the power, gun size, and so on. You can buy a Mini size palm nailer as well that you can use to work on 6d to 16d.

You can also get a bully-sized palm nailer having the same levels of pressure. If you wish to take the palm Nailer anywhere with you, you can go for the smaller version that comes with a battery to operate.

How does a Palm Nailer Work?

A palm nailer does look a little different from general nailers but doesn’t go for its small size. They are really very fast and efficient when it comes to nailing.

Palm nailers can also be used with an air compressor or electricity which can help you drive nails smoothly.

You will of course have to apply some physical force while nailing using a palm nailer but it will be way less than a traditional hammer.

1. Pick up the Instruction Manual!

Many of us tend to just throw away the instruction manual thinking that the tool is pretty small and easy to understand and work with. However, this is a big mistake we all make.

The instruction manual not just consists of information regarding using the tool but also additional instructions on what to do in a particular situation.

Whenever you are using a tool, it becomes very important to go through the instruction manual to get a clear idea of how the tool works. Make sure that you have all the ideas at least of the basics.

2. Power up the Palm Nailer

In order to use a palm nailer, the first thing you will need to do is power it up. In the case of cordless or battery-powered palm nailers, you have to power it up.

Once it is charged, you can turn the switch on. See that you are not using any poor-quality battery for your Nailer. The cordless or battery-powered version of a palm nailer is comparatively less powerful and hence it becomes all the more essential to go for a good quality battery.

If you have a corded palm nailer, then hook it up with your nailer and you will be good to go.

3. Hold it right

Your posture is one very important thing when it comes to the results of using a nail gun. Standing in the right posture makes a huge difference in the outcome of the nail gun.

It is always recommended that you sit or stand with your face a little away from the nailer. You of course do not want to have any nails coming up your face.

Also, see that you are not in an uncomfortable posture like lying or bending. As said before, you will be required to add some physical force to the Nailer, and being in an uncomfortable situation can affect that.

It is important that you are in a comfortable position. Also, make sure that you are holding the nail gun right. This is equally important. See that you have held it with enough grip and that the nose is facing out while driving the nails.

4. Use the Secure grip

Yet another crucial point to consider while using a palm Nailer is that you are having a secure grip of the nailer. There are a number of nail guns out there that come with hand straps. Try to get one such for yourself.

Do see that the palm grip is snug and secure. You will be surprised to see the kind of pace this one trick will bring while using the palm nail gun.

Doing this will help you form a perfect grip of the tool and thus help you well with the tool and give better results.

5. Nailing Process

Now that you have set up the palm Nailer well, now brings the nailing process. Once you have chosen the right type of nails for your palm gun, make sure that you are keeping them in hand.

The palm Nailer requires you to manually fit the nails into the palm gun. On the nail gun, you will find a magnetic tip on which you will have to place the nails’ pinhead. This will hold the nails well in the holes.

Now position the palm Nailer where you wish to feed it. Then simply push down the Nailer and it will drive the nail inside the material you are working with.

6. A little Manual Job

In most cases, while using a nail gun, a little nail head remains on the nailing surface. For this, you will have to use manual hammering for getting it inside. Even if this sounds like a very difficult task, it will hardly take a few seconds.

Once you have followed all the above steps, you are done. You can then use the palm nailer to drive in the nails.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Palm Nailer guns


  • A Palm Nail gun is faster than a regular nail gun.
  • Palm Nailers are known to drive nails of small as well as large sizes.
  • The magnetic nail holder can help you keep the tool in place.
  • A lot of palm nailers are compatible with the nails found in hardware stores.
  • A palm nail gun, unlike regular nail guns, is very lightweight and compact in use.


  • One major drawback of palm nailers is that you will have to load in the nails manually one by one.
  • In the case of a few palm nail guns, you will have to hammer in the end for absolute driving of the nail.
  • Note that the cordless palm nailers are less powerful than corded ones.


Are Palm Nailers any good?

Palm nailers, as the name says, fit in the palm of your hand. The tool is very convenient to carry and work with and can help you reach even the toughest of the places like edges, corners, etc.

What do you use Palm Nailer for?

You can use palm Nailer for picking up where a collated nailer left. You can use palm nailers for framing, fencing, decking, pole barn construction, metal connector straps, etc.

How does a palm hammer work?

A palm Nailer is nothing less than a magical hammer. We have described in detail how a palm Nailer works.

What nails does a Palm nailer take?

A full-sized palm nailer supports 4d to 16d common bulk nails of 1-1/2 inch 3-1/2 inch.

Can you use a palm nailer for finishing nails?

You can use a palm Nailer for finishing as it can drive heavy finish nails but it is NOT recommended to be used in place of finish nails.


That was it all about Palm Nailer Gun and how does a Palm nailer gun work. In case you are stuck at any of the above steps or have any queries, then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Happy Nailing!

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