How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting

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Grease gun is one of the most crucial tools of any industry. It is used widely in various workplaces in order to lubricate different machines and tools and keep them working well. In this article, we will be sharing with you all How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting.

The ones working in different industries and with machines know that various machines and tools have a complex structure which makes it difficult for us to grease them well. However, by attaching grease gun and zerk fitting you will be able to grease your machine properly.

Although it sounds very easy, lubricating this way is not as easy. You will need to understand the procedure first to not make any mess out of it. This applies especially if you have not done this ever before. So, to help you out, given below is a detailed step by step guide on How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting. Keep reading to know more.

What is a Grease Gun?

Before we get into the actual part of how to attach a grease gun to zerk fitting, let us first see what a grease gun is. If you are a newbie, then a grease gun is a tool used for lubricating machines or joints of various equipment.

A grease gun is a very useful tool as it helps you maintain your other tools. It is very hugely used in automobile garages, workshops, factories and so on. If you wish to know more about grease gun then you can read here – How to use a grease gun.

What is a Zerk Fitting?

Zerk Fitting which is also called as Grease Fitting is a permanent joint on a mechanical system or bearings which is known to lubricate the machine. You can easily spot a zerk fitting by looking at the machine. These come in a nipple-like shape and have a ball inside them which makes the lubricants go in easily.

Now that you know what a grease gun is and what a zerk fitting is, we can now see how to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting.

How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting

How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting

In order to attach grease gun to zerk fitting, the process is very easy. The Zerk fitting will have a ball bearing which will allow the lubricant to go through but at the same time exclude any other hard elements.

In case of a tight angle which is difficult to reach or has a complex structure, you will see that the zerk fitting will be helpful in such a situation.

Given below is a step by step guide as to How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting. Make sure you have followed every step carefully without missing anything.

Step 1: To start with, make sure that first you know the basic things about a grease gun. You should first know how to assemble a grease gun. See that you have done the hose pipe settings with the grease gun coupler which will make it easy to reach any tight or long angles.

Step 2: You will come across a 4 Jaw construction on the coupler which is basically the control for adjusting the position. One can change the position as they want.

Step 3: After screwing it up, the jaw construction will close. This will show the connection between the coupler and any point that has tightened.

Step 4: Locate the Zerk fitting which will look like a small hole which will allow the lubricant to pass through. Now put this zerk fitting inside the coupler. See that the grease gun coupler is adjusting with the grease.

Step 5: Next, hold the shoulder tightly and then push the coupler into the zerk fitting. Now push it down till the shoulder is fitting with the zerk bearing. After that, tighten it with the coupler’s setting.

Step 6: As the coupler clams down with the zerk fitting, just free your hand and see the connection. When it holds tightly, you can start your greasing work.

Step 7: Just note that, before you put the grease inside it, you have screwed the grease gun tight enough with the zerk fitting such that the lubricant does not go off when pushing it.

You are done here with attaching grease gun to zerk fitting. All you need to do now is push the grease gun and allow the lubricants to follow.


How to remove the grease gun from zerk fitting?

It is very easy to remove the grease gun from zerk fitting. Just do the reverse of how you fitted the grease gun on zerk fitting. All you need to do is untie the screw and then pull it off. You would not have to exert any additional pressure.

Is there any chance for a grease gun to be stuck with a zerk fitting?

Yes. If the fitting has something sticky or in case there is some issue with the joint structure like a manufacturing fault, then there is a chance for a grease gun to be stuck with a zerk fitting. To be cautious, just check the zerk fitting before you put the grease gun.

Why my connection isn’t setting up perfectly?

There can be many reasons as to why your connection is not setting up nicely. However, the most common issue with all is that either you could push enough or you did not screw it tight enough to keep it firm.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have all found the above article of use. As you all could have understood by now, the process is pretty simple and can be done with ease. Just make sure that you stick to the steps mentioned above.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do let us know how your experience was while attaching grease gun to zerk fitting using the above guide.

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