How to Sand Hardwood Floors With Orbital Sander

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all how to Sand Hardwood Floors With Orbital Sander. Nowadays, hardwood floor are a very trendy interior thing. Many people are looking forward to get their floor done with hardwood. In case you too are interested in doing so, then stick with us through out this guide to see How to Sand Hardwood Floors using Orbital Sander.

This article also includes some tips and things to consider while using an orbital sander, how to remove stains from wooden floors and remove watercolors, etc. As you might already know, wood floor stains are not a standard stain and are quite difficult to remove. But do not worry as we will guide you through this entire process easily.

How to Sand Hardwood Floors With Orbital Sander

How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander

If you are working on a heavy project, then we would recommend you to use an orbital sander on your wooden floors. An orbital sander is a vibrating sander that can create 3450 short orbits each minute.

Also note that orbital sanders are heavy in weight and thus can feel very heavy when lifted. You should thus avoid using an orbital sander with a large size or the one having a rotating sheet sapphire.

Another point to be noted with orbital sanders is that they might not be as comfortable to use as drum sanders are. With an orbital floor, chances are that you might fail to gauge the deep valleys of floor. An orbital sander takes some time to land on the floor and so you should also not use it too finish the fresh yet unfinished floors.

Prep Up

Before you actually begin sanding a wooden floor, you need to get an idea of how it all works. When a floor is wooden and is carpeted with floorboards, it becomes easy for you to finish it quickly. In such a situation, you should lower the gripper rods that are holding the carpet on the floor.

While trying to move the gripper rods using your nails, it will split in no time. Some things can ruin the finish of your wood floor so see that you are not doing them.

When a person runs the splinter under their ankles after rolling the floor with bare feet, they can sand with ease on the wooden floor. In case the floor is hardwood one, you can re-fix the floor but this will not necessarily be true in all the cases. If you want a layered structure for your floor, then you can shower and rebuild.

Also note that, the surface of your orbital sander needs to be healthy or else it will be of no use. Make sure you have dried the wooden floor completely after you sanding, sweeping and shaking it with a damp cloth. Now empty around the wooden floor once again.

At this point, check that no one is moving through this newly done wooden floor. Generally, there will be pieces of iron and nail heads stuck to the floor if you have an old wooden floor on the floor. At such times, all you need to do is remove the stuck iron and nail head using your hands.

Once the floor is all set for sanding, make sure to clean it well first and then start sanding with the right type of sander suitable to you.

Safety First

An orbital Sander for sanding the auto body and floor produces a lot of noise when using it. It is quite a powerful tool and hence should be used with PPE kit.

If not the entire PPE kit, make sure that you are using at least gloves for protecting your hands and also goggles and air plugs for the eyes and ears respectively. Note that, safety is really very important here.

Some tips for Sanding Hardwood Floors

Here are some very helpful strategies you can use for sanding hardwood floors. Firstly, see the total number of scratches on the floor. In case that is passing 120 grit, then wait till the floor dries and then try a quick pass using 120 screens.

At such a time, if you come across any swirls, scratches or marks, then keep on doing the process. Note that this can look worse if you do not clean that well. You can for sure avoid doing some of the methods while making sandals.

It is very crucial to close the surface first for finer results. In the beginning, just use paper. In case the newly installed floor is in level, then you can begin at 60. The time that you spend on a base depends on the activities involved in the installation.

In case your floor has stains, it will expose your cut corners. At such times, the defects and scratches on the floor would be come more visible. If you are repairing old wooden floors with any one finish then those small paper masks will be helpful for you to keep the floor safe.

If you are seeing any void with grain, then you will hardly see any visible marks and spots. At such a time, you can remove the dust as much as you can. In case there are nails on the floor, see that they are at the bottom of the floor.

As you might already be aware of this, as the wood floor gets old, there is an increased risk of stains as well as rust. So what you can do here is use a vacuum having attachment of soft bristle. There is a risk involved here of the line spreading across the hard plastic floor.

Make sure you know this!

Here are some additional points that one should know about using Orbital Sander for hardwood floor –

  • Generally, to replace hardwood floors it will require you to pay for the materials required as well as the labor. But the wood floors are cheaper.
  • With a wooden floor, you can sand it with ease through the floor exterior. You can also make it with hardwood.
  • As the solid hardwood floor does not generally sag, keep in mind about the structural floors made using that board before it turns out to be risky. That usually is suitable for just 5 to 6 bar sanding.
  • You should prefer sanding with a suitable sander for filling irreplaceable deep valleys to give a great finishing touch to your floor.
  • You should use orbital sanders for sanding the hardwood floors as it makes the process easier. Whereas with a drum sander, it becomes quite a lot difficult and also it gauges the floors very fast which can ruin the floor.

That was how easy it was to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander.

Wrapping it Up

At times you might need to install hardwood floors for different causes. In certain scenarios, it might even have to be rebuild or clean it. I hope you all could easily understand How to Sand Hardwood Floors With Orbital Sander.

In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, or have any questions for us, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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