How to Use a Grease Gun?

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all How to Use a Grease Gun. Using a grease gun can be a little messy but if you get the idea of how it works, then you can easily use a grease gun. If you use machinery, you might know that it can get difficult to use it without proper lubrication.

In such cases, you can use a grease gun to apply grease and lubricate. But the question is how to use a grease gun. A grease can seem to be a little complicated and there are also many points one needs to keep in mind while using a grease gun.

Do not worry about any of those points or how to use grease gun. Given below is a detailed article that will answer all your queries about a grease gun. So what are you waiting for? keep reading further.

How to Use a Grease Gun

How to Use a Grease Gun for the first time?

Before you get to know how to use a grease gun, first see the different types of grease guns that are available in the market.

Air-powered Grease Gun

Air Powered grease guns are one of the most standard professional grease guns that are used in large companies. Such grease guns do not require any physical force for pumping. These guns are highly expensive. This gun is very user-friendly and does not make it difficult for people to understand how to use it.

Battery-operated Grease Gun

A battery-powered grease gun can be used without a cord. However, in order to use a battery-powered grease gun, you will have to charge it first.

Manual Grease Gun

Manual Grease Guns are the most well-known grease guns. In order to get enough pressure in your grease gun, you must tug the lever appropriately so that the grease will come out smoothly from the nozzle.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Pistol Grip Grease guns are similar to lever. These come with an extra pistol grip which helps in holding the gun firmly and pumping out the grease.

How to load the grease gun?

Before you load a grease gun, it is advised that you prime your grease gun. This step makes a huge difference. You can check out article here on How to Prime a Grease Gun? (Easy 6 Steps Guide)

Assuming that you have primed your grease gun, you can now begin loading grease gun using the below easy steps –

Step 1: To begin with loading a grease gun, the first thing you need to do is hold the gun firmly and remove its cap from the barrel portion. Then go through it till you touch the rod handle.

Step 2: Next, lock the rod handle. For this, all you need to do is pull it. You will then see the place where the grease is loaded in the tube of the gun. This is called as cartridge.

Step 3: You will now refill the cartridge and then put it in the barrel. See that you are cleaning the tube after you have taken off the old cartridge. Cleanliness is crucial here it can help you increase the longevity and efficiency of your grease gun. Also see that you are pushing the cartridge properly such that rim contacts with the gun.

Step 4: Now keep the barrel a little loose while reinstalling it. Then release the rod handle by simply turning it out from the end cap. See that you are giving enough pressure for the grease to come out fast from the tube. Thus, the rod handle has to be depressed. As you press the holder of the gun down, the grease will come out from the front end of the gun.

Step 5: The grease gun should be first tested. For this you can just pump a small quantity of grease through the nozzle. Just see that you clean the grease that comes out when testing before you reattach the nozzle.

Step 6: In this step, you will have to shut the head which you opened earlier. While doing so, you will have to force out the air by pushing the air bleeder downwards. You can experience a stable pressure after the air is released. Just ensure that you locate the gun coupler at the end of the hose to grease the area you want.

Step 7: Lastly, try putting grease on the machinery by pumping the lever handle. Check if the grease gun is working smoothly. If not, then firstly see if you have missed any of the above steps. If you still are facing the issue, then drop your query in the comment section below.

How to apply the grease?

Once you have loaded the grease in grease gun, more than half of your task has been accomplished. First of all, you will have to set the target where you want to put the grease. It is better to keep this specific or else and not let the grease be all over the place. This will also offer a greater degree of efficiency.

Check if your grease is working properly or not. It is important that the grease gun works smoothly so as to get better results. With the help of the gun’s head you can easily grease the targeted places. The long hose will help you in reaching the difficult spots with ease.

You should have the idea of the amount of grease to be put on the target space and also about the pressure requirements. Then, tug trigger handle after you provide an enough pressure. You can also grease inside the machine with the help of the piston of grease gun present at the end of the gun barrel.

Many professionals and experts in automobile garages and workshops make use of air-filled grease guns as they are easier to use. Also, the greasing will be much more smoother when you use the hose as well as compressed air.

Tips for maintaining Grease Gun

  • Don’t Tighten too Much – Do not tighten the grease gun extensively. That might destroy bearing shields and result into failure of the grease gun functioning.
  • Clean the Fitting – See that you are cleaning the fitting in a grease gun. You can ask any experts or professionals about the amount of grease to be applied on your wheel bearings.
  • Clean the Gun after every use – This is important. See that you are cleaning your grease gun after every use for maintaining and increasing its lifespan. This will not just keep the gun healthy but also help you in getting better and efficient results from your grease gun.
  • Flammable Lubricants – A lot of lubricants are known to be flammable. Thus, they are prone to fire. Hence, if you have any flammable lubricant, see that you are keeping yourselves away from it and also keeping your machinery away from fire when working with it.
  • Don’t Mix Old and New grease – This is one of the most common mistakes made by many people in order to save the grease. Although it might seem very efficient but it can badly affect the use of grease gun. Make sure that you are cleaning the old grease completely before you load the new grease. Thank us later!
  • Double-check the Fitting First – It is better that you double-check the fitting of the grease gun first. This will help you in getting an idea about the grease gun, i.e. whether it is damaged or in proper working condition.


How much pressure you can obtain from a grease gun while using it?

Generally, grease guns are known to generate a maximum pressure of 5,000 psi per shot. But, it is difficult to cross even 500 psi since most of the bearing lip seals are not capable of exceeding this pressure. As these grease guns can produce significant amounts of pressure,

How to use grease gun on a zerk?

Using a grease gun on a zerk makes it very efficient. Just see that the hose is in good condition so as to prevent any unwanted situations. Otherwise, all the steps are the same as mentioned in the article above.

Is it necessary to use a glass while working with a grease gun?

Note that it is essential that you wear gloves when working with a grease gun or lubricating your machine. However, it is absolutely optional to wear glasses.

How much grease did you require in a grease gun while pumping each time?

The ideal quantity of grease that comes out in each pump is nearly 3 grams. However, this can vary depending on the size and also lifespan of your grease gun.


It goes without saying that lubrication is one of the most crucial things when it comes to machinery. Without it, your machinery might not give you the best results as you would expect from it.  And for that, a grease gun plays a crucial role. Greasing can actually aid in increasing the longevity of your vehicle.

Majority of the automobile shops have a grease gun as one of the go to important tools. Thus, it is essential that you know how to use a grease gun. I hope the above article has helped you in getting an understanding of the same.

I am assuming you can now use a grease gun in an efficient and skilled way. In case you have any doubts or questions regarding this, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned with us for more such helpful articles!

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