6 Steps How To Use A Nail Gun [Guide]

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all a guide on How to Use a Nail Gun. Whether is it a home chore or professional work, there come a lot of instances in our lives where we have to use a nail.

Inserting a nail into a surface can be really hard if you do not have the right tool. Gone are the days of the hammer where you had to put twice the effort to insert a nail.

With inventions, there has come a great solution of Nail guns. A nail gun makes it much easier to put nails into any surface. These guns come in various sizes and different types depending upon the source of power.

However, the basic mechanism of their use remains quite the same. And hence, if you are looking for a way to use nail guns, here is a quick guide to help you out.

What is a Nail Gun?

A Nail Gun is an instrument that is used to plant nails with ease. Traditionally, one would use a hammer or similar tool to insert a nail into something.

However, as the technology advanced, a new tool, or let’s say the machine was invented to make the process of inserting nails easier.

You can use this nail gun to insert nails into wood, walls, and other such surfaces. Generally, nail guns work on gas, electricity, or air pressure.

How to Use a Nail Gun
How to Use a Nail Gun

What do I need to use a Nailer?

In order to use a Nailer, you will require the below-mentioned things.

  1. Nail Gun
  2. Wood scraps
  3. Nail strips
  4. Safety Glasses

It’s always important to put your safety first in constructions or related works where you are using potential tools like nail guns and nails.

Also, note that the Nail Strips you select should be the ones that suit your gun. Now that you know what you need to use a Nailer, you can proceed further to know how to use a nail gun.

Types of Nails guns

You will find a variety of nail guns in the Market right from DIY/Crafts nail guns to farming and heavy work nail guns. However, there are mainly two types of nails guns –

1. Corded Electric Nail gun

Corded Electric nail guns are generally preferred by many because they are easier than cordless ones to use. you will have to connect the cord to a power source through an extension board.

2. Cordless Electric Nailer

These require a chargeable lithium-ion battery. You will need the battery to either run the entire tool or simply aid in providing a spark for a fuel-powered tool.

Safety first!

Before getting into how to use a nail gun, first of all, let’s take the most important thing. Nail guns could turn to be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

You have to take care of sensitive organs like your eyes and ears. It is always better to wear safety glasses to prevent any mishaps.

Don’t toss away the manual!

Manual instructions are very important. The Nail gun might seem easy to handle but is not as much. And hence, it is essential that you at least once go through the guide. And do not simply throw it away as you might need it later on.

How to use a Nail Gun? Here are our Complete 6 Steps Guide

As said earlier, there are various types of Nail guns in the market depending upon their source of power like electric, battery-powered, etc.

However, generally, most guns have the same mechanism of use.

Given below is a detailed guide on how to use a Nail gun.

Step 1. Load the Nail Strip

Before using it, you always need to load a gun so as to bring something out of it. The same goes for the nail gun. However, make sure that it is off and not connected to a power source.

You will have to load a nail strip in the nail gun. But make sure that you do not keep it on. Always turn off the gun when loading to avoid any mishaps.

Also, as said before, make sure to use the right nail strip while loading. As different nail guns have different types of nail strips.

Step 2. Practice!

Before you directly put the nail into the surface you want, it is always better to practice first, especially if you are a beginner.

The problem with nail guns is that they create a little pressure and also you will have to target the nail exactly where you want to insert it.

I would suggest you practice a few times before actually putting the nail where you want to. This will give you an idea of how the nail gun machine exactly works.

Step 3. Aim the gun

Once you have done your homework, you can now start aiming the gun wherever you want the nail to be. Make sure you place the gun in such a way that your finger can easily reach the trigger.

You will experience a kickback when you will the trigger so keep that in mind  Your body should be close to the gun but not very close so maintain safety.

Step 4. Push the Trigger

This is the most crucial step. Whenever you push the trigger, as said before, you will also experience a kickback. So keep yourself prepared for this.

Avoid a common mistake here. Many people push the gun with their stomach or chest. And this is the most stupid thing one can do.

Do not fall for any such ideas. Keep a safe distance from the gun but at the same time use your body to create the pressure on your hand.

Push the trigger slowly and release it immediately. Again, one of the common mistakes people make here is to keep on pushing the trigger. this will cause nothing but jamming of the nail gun.

Step 5. Pull the gun away

As soon as you are done, pull the gun away. Pull it away so as not to create any more pressure on your hand and end up triggering the gun multiple times.

Step 6. Switch it off

Once you are done inserting the nail into the surface you want, switch it off. This is for both safety reasons and saving fuel or electricity. Plus, keeping the gun on will also create pressure on your hand.

FAQs for How to Use a Nail Gun?

What are the uses of a Nail gun?

Nail guns can be used for numerous purposes right from domestic such as casing, boarding, etc. to heavy work in carpentry, farming, etc.

Are nail guns easy to use?

Actually, yes. As complex as they might look, nail guns are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is practice a little first. Then you are good to go!

What is one thing you should do before using a nail gun?

Go through the manual! Also, ensure your safety by wearing hearing protection and safety glasses.

What is the best nail gun for home use?

There are actually many options for the best nail gun. However, in our opinion, CRAFTSMAN Cordless Brad Nailer Kit is the best nail gun for home use. As the name says, it is a cordless nail gun and does not require an air compressor.

Why Was the Nail Gun Created?

The nail gun was created by Morris Pynoos who was a civil engineer by profession. He created the Nail gun to speed up the construction of house floor sheathing and subfloors.

What is the best battery-powered nail gun?

Here are some of the great options for the best battery powered nail guns –

  • Milwaukee 2746-20 M18 Nailer
  • DeWalt DCN680D1
  • Metabo-HPT NT1865DMS
  • Craftsman CMCN616C1
  • Ryobi P320

Are electric nail guns any good?

Absolutely. Electric Nail guns are actually much handy than those that are fuel-powered.

Why does my nail gun shoot two nails?

A lot of people complain about nail guns shooting two nails at a time. This is called a double kiss. Contrary to how sweet the name sounds, a double kiss can hit the user back with the nail as the second nail strikes the head of the first. The most common reason for this is the user not applying sufficient pressure.

Why does my nail gun keep jamming?

That is because your nail gun is not properly oiled. Lack of oil can cause jamming in nail guns. What you can do here is put a few oil drops before firing a nail gun.

What kind of oil do you use for a nail gun?

You cannot just put any oil in the nail gun in order to lubricate it. You have to use an oil especially meant for lubricating pneumatic tools like the Senco Pneumatic Tool Oil or Paslode Lubricating Oil.

Why does my nail gun misfire?

One of the common issues with nail guns is that they misfire. This could happen when the nail gun is not lubricated. What you can do is fire off the nail gun trigger 6 to 8 times so as to lubricate it.

How dangerous is a nail gun?

Very. A nail gun, if not used properly or used carelessly can cause serious injuries not only to the user but also to someone who could be around.

What is the most versatile nail gun?

Bostitch F21PL is one of the most versatile nail guns one will find out there.

What is the best nail gun for crafts/ DIYs?

The best gun, in our opinion, is the Porter-Cable 18 Gauge Brad Nailer. This nail gun is pretty easy to use and lightweight.

What is the best nail gun for fencing?

Here are some great options for the best nail gun for fencing –

  • NuMax 21 Degree Framing Nailer.
  • Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer.
  • Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer.
  • Bostitch Round Head Framing Nailer.
  • Freeman 10.5 Gauge Fencing Stapler.

What are the different types of nail guns?

  • Pin Nail Guns – used to attach things.
  • Brad Nailers – for Carpentry.
  • Finish Nails – used for softwood.
  • Large-sized guns – for heavy work.

Concluding Words

I hope the above article was useful and you could find what you were looking for. Do let us know if the guide helped you.

A nail gun comes in handy in a number of things and is very crucial if you are a professional who requires this machine to work.

No matter which category you are in, just make sure to use a Nail gun with utmost safety. Keep control on your hand and all the pressure you can to keep it firm.

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