How to Use a Staple Gun Properly

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all How to Use a Staple Gun Properly. Staple guns are one of the most useful tools that can be used for multiple purposes like upholstering, insulation, DIY projects, framing and so on. If you have a staple gun or are looking forward to buy and use one, then you can refer to the below guide on How to Use a Staple Gun Properly.

What is a Staple Gun?

A Staple Gun is a handheld machine tool which can be used to drive heavy metal staples in solid materials like plastic, wood and so on. A staple gun is a very useful tool as it can be helpful with wiring, roofing, insulation, upholstery, carpeting and for DIY projects as well.

Depending on the type of way it operates, and other such factors, there are various types of staple guns like compressed air staple guns, manual staple guns, battery-operated staple guns, electric staple guns and so on.

How to Use a Staple Gun Properly

How to Use a Staple Gun Properly

Now that you know what a staple gun is and a few of its uses, here is a complete step by step guide on How to Use a Staple Gun Properly. Make sure that you follow each step mentioned below.

Step 1: Go through the Manual

Every machinery and tool comes with an instruction manual which shows how the tool can be used well. It is always the best thing to do to go through this tiny book before actually using the tool. It will hardly take you 5 minutes to go through this little book but it will provide some great insights about the tool.

Step 2: Safety First!

Before using any sort of a tool, it is important that you consider the safety first. Although a staple gun is similar to a stapler, the former is more riskier. Thus, staple guns are recommended to be treated as general staplers.

Unlike the stationery staplers, staple guns do not fold the wire end of staples inwards. But they shoot the sharp open ends into the target surface. So, if you have a stapler that has any safety lock feature, then make sure that you use it all the time.

Do not leave it turned off even for a couple of minutes. If you are using an electric staple gun, then plug it in only when you want to use it and unplug as soon as you are done. Also see that you are not using staple guns with any faulty electric connection or frayed wiring.

Make sure you are using the tool with utmost attention and care. Do not point the gun at anyone at any point of time and keep your fingers away from the trigger to avoid any unintentional mishap. While you are using the staple gun, make sure you have your safety goggles on.

Before you begin the work with the staple gun, see that the surface you are working on is clean so that you do not staple on any unwanted piece and ruin your work. Also, while working with the staple gun, ensure that you are holding it steadily in both of your hands.

Step 3: Load the Staple Gun

As mentioned before, some staple guns come with a safety lock which is advised to keep on always, especially while putting loading the stapies inside the gun. And in case of electric staple guns, see that you have unplugged the staple gun.

In order to load it, you will have to open the body of your staple gun by pressing the latch situated at the back side. Then press the release button to empty the tray. Now load the tray with your new staples. See that you have levelled the staples properly in the tray. Then you can close the body of your gun.

Once you hear a click, you will realize that the staple carriage is ready and is locked properly. Your gun is now loaded and you can now proceed further.

Step 4: Staple it!

Now that you have loaded your staple gun, you can proceed further to use it to staple whatever it is that you want. Just see that you have directed the staple just where you want to use it and no unwanted person or object is coming in the way of it.

Once you have held the gun tight on the target, squeeze the trigger. Note that, you will have to apply some pressure to the gun depending on the type and size of the stapler you have.

Generally, you will not have to worry about a battery powered or an electric staple gun as they require a lot less pressure than manual staple guns. The same applies for a compressed air staple gun. However, the staple gun can easily be used for heavy duty projects too.

Additional Instructions for Electric Staple Gun

This step is specifically for an electric staple gun. So if you own an electric staple gun, you can take note of this additional point. The mechanism of an electric staple is quite the same as a manual gun.

The only point of difference is that an electric staple gun requires a lot less pressure and also lesser time while working. Also, many people prefer electric staple guns for heavy duty projects on surfaces that are hard like oak wood, hardwood, and so on.

What needs to be noted here is that, as this type of a staple gun is great to work on hard surfaces, it is known to have a stronger kickback. So, make sure that you are holding your electric gun with both of your hands and steadily. Also, remember to unplug the gun when you are done.

Additional Instructions for 3-Way Staple Gun Instructions

If you do not already know, there is a 3-Way Staple Gun which can shoot standard staples, brad nails as well as round staples. In order to load a 3-way staple gun, you can remove the pressure rod and spring the assembly from behind the gun.

Also, remove any old staples or the ones that have been disfigured. Then load in the right staples and nails in the tray. Make sure that you have put in the tray appropriately and secured it well. You can adjust the pressure-screw feature to determine the force with which you want to use the stapler.

How to Use Staple Gun for Upholstery?

One of the main reasons why people use staple guns are for Upholstery. If you want to upholster your new furniture or re-upholster for upscaling or recycling your old furniture, a staple gun can be very helpful. So if you want to use Staple Gun for Upholstery, the first thing you need to do is gather all the materials needed.

What you need?

  • Scissor
  • Fabric
  • Hammer or flathead screwdriver
  • Staples
  • Staple gun.

For Upholstery

Firstly, lay out the fabric and see how much of it you need and in which shape. Make sure to keep at least 2 inches of additional fabric than the size of the surface and then cut using scissors.

For Re-Upholstering

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the old staples and the old fabric pieces. Do not staple down over the old pieces as that can require you to do additional stapling.

For upholstering, pull the fabric tightly over the surface you are working on and then secure it through pressure while ensuring that the fabric does not slip away. You can then start stapling the furniture from the sides first to keep it secure.

Note that, if you do not use enough pressure, the staples might not go through the surface. At such times, you can use a hammer to pin it further down or redo the same. Then cut to the size and fold the corners before you staple them. You can make use of extra staple fabrics for securing it well.


Which is the best staple gun?

There is no one best staple gun out there. You will find a number of amazing staple guns. The best staple gun depends on how you will use it and for what way you will handle it. Staple guns are known as multipurpose tools as they can be used for different things and on various materials.

In case you are working on heavy duty projects, we would recommend you to go for an electric staple gun or a battery powered staple gun. These types of staples do not need a lot of labor and are comparatively efficient. You can go for staple guns from companies like Jobmate and Tolsen.

But if you are looking for a manual staple gun and do not bother about the physical exhaustion and also want to stick to your budget then you can use manual staple guns.

What to do if your Staple gun is not working?

In case of battery powered or electric staple guns, firstly check the power source of the gun, whether it is on or not. In case of electric guns, be more careful with regards to the connection, wires, and line.

For a general staple gun, open the tray and see if any rusty staples or nails are the culprit. In such a case, immediately take those damaged staples or nails out and clean the tray. Then replace them with new and proper staples or nails. Now check if the gun is working properly.

Wrapping it Up

That was it all about How to Use a Staple Gun Properly. I hope you have all found the article of use and could easily use a staple gun. In case you are stuck anywhere with it or want any help at any of the steps, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

Stay tuned with us for more such helpful articles!

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